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About the Artist

As a child, like most children, I colored in coloring books. The biggest thing that haunted me is that I could never stay within the lines. I always felt my pictures were ugly or somehow not done correctly.  Who knew what was in store for me?  Shortly after my 51st birthday, a friend shared her art story with me.  I said to her that I wished I could paint something beautiful but that I could not even paint a stick person! She kindly said to me that you don’t have to paint a person, figures or even straight lines. You can be an abstract artist. What a revelation! ​ As a hair colorist of 30 years, I knew the color wheel and what colors worked to compliment each other.  Off I went! What would inspire me? How would I create something of interest that would resonate with others?   I am now known as a emotional abstract artist who works in lots of color...colors that you normally wouldn't see together.  ​ What I’ve grown to love most is seeing people's reactions to my work. I love to hear stories of what they see and how my art makes them feel. I’m always delighted to hear what memories my art brings back to them in their lives. I know color is powerful enough to make you feel something while shapes and movements on a canvas make the mind remember a moment in time. It is my hope that a Kendall original may evoke a pleasant memory, a delightful feeling, or an elated emotion in your life today and your future.

kf self green flowers.png

It is my hope that a Kendall original evokes a pleasant memory, delightful feeling, or elated emotion in your life today and for years to come.

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